The #1 Swimming Pool Repair Service Company in NW Phoenix


With 15 years of hands-on experience, we pride ourselves on our swimming pool and spa repair knowledge. When you want expert swimming pool repair service, then you’ll want to call Bella Premier Pools first. We are the best pool repair service in NW Phoenix.

We can fix your immediate pool repair issues and also provide you helpful information and guidance related to needed scheduled maintenance, anticipated future pool or spa repairs and costs, as well as suggested future part replacement 

Swimming pools need constant maintenance, especially as they get older. In this Phoenix desert sun, pool parts can get brittle and break quickly. We can quickly make common inground pool repairs including:

  • Pool equipment repairs and filter repairs
  • Swimming pool heater repairs
  • Diagnosing and fixing skimmer/vacuum suction issues
  • Pool plumbing repairs and leak repairs
  • We can also address pools that are are no longer water-tight and need a pool patch or even an entire pool renovation such as a new pool liner and resurfacing.

     Want to get back in your repaired pool quickly, then call us today: (623) 252-3898