Frequently Asked Pool Construction Questions


 What criteria do I use to select a pool builder?

 This is a bit of a loaded question, as it’s a pool builder answering the question! We would recommend that you look at three (3) pieces of criteria for choosing a new pool contractor:

 1)  Many new pool builders have a tendency to become so busy taking on new jobs, that they become overwhelmed. This means you become unimportant, ignored, and “used” to fill their sales pipeline. How quickly are they responding to your request for a design or price quote is a clear indicator of where you fall into their priorities. You should get a call back the day that you make the inquiry. You should get a site visit scheduled within 5 days of your call. You should receive a design draft within 5 days of the site visit. And AFTER you approve the pool design, you should receive a price quote within 48 hours. 

 2) Look at their communication style. Have they provided you with an overview of the new pool buying and building process in order to help set your expectations properly? Are they keeping you abreast of where you are at in that process? Are they calling you and emailing you or did they go “dark” on you and you feel like they’ve forgotten about you?

3) Look at their reviews on social media. What are people saying about them? Do they have a good reputation? Are they addressing any negative feedback? Do they provide you a list of satisfied customers? Do they even have an active social media presence? If they have a good following and people are saying good things about them, then you know that you probably have a legitimate pool builder who is focused on building you a great pool!


Whats the difference between a fresh water pool and a salt water pool?


How are pools priced? How much does a pool cost?


Though an in-ground swimming pool will typically cost $27,000 – $37,000 to build, the price of an in-ground swimming pool is dependent on a lot of different criteria. Factors influencing the cost of a new swimming pool include:


  •  The materials that the pool shell is constructed from
  •  The access and distance the pool is from the street
  • The length of the distance from the electrical circuit breaker box is away from the pool equipment and the amount of conduit that has to be used to connect the two end points
  •  The length of plumbing and water connections between the main water line and the pool equipment
  •  The size of the swimming pool (perimeter, shape, and depth of the pool – think Area), whether there is a spa also being built and what kind of spa it is and its proximity to the pool, desired water features such as water slide, water falls, or sheer accents, the amount of decking and materials of decking around the pool, and the quality of the pool equipment itself.
  • Check-out our Classic Pool Package that starts as low as just $26,995, plus tax, which is a terrific value!! 

How do I determine what materials my pool should be made from?

 Ninety-nine percent of the time, in-ground pools in Arizona are constructed of shotcrete (sprayed concrete) over a steel/rebar frame. While people who move to Phoenix, Arizona from other areas of the country have a tendency to ask for a fiberglass or vinyl pools, those materials just don’t hold up as well as concrete in the hot, desert sun and heat. Once the concrete pool is formed and cured, you can have the interior of your new pool covered in plaster or Pebble Tec. Plaster is usually white, while Pebble Tec comes in 20+ vibrant colors. We have Pebbel Tec samples to show you so that you can see the actual texture and colors from which you can choose. Of course, installing LED lights in your pool allows it to be any color you want it to be, at night!

How long does it take to build a pool??

From start to finish, a pool typically takes 10 – 12 weeks, as long as all the subcontractors are available. The start time is figured based upon when the excavation can begin, not when you pay for the pool or when the permitting begins. Weather and available labor talent typically play a big part in how quickly a pool can be completed. We try to minimize the pool construction duration and the inconvenience of having a backyard that is torn up. That said, no one can build a pool without bringing a excavator in and temporarily making your backyard seem chaotic.

How big of a swimming pool do I need? 

A basic swimming pool is comprised of a perimeter of 80 liner feet. The cost typically does not change much, regardless of the shape of the pool as long as you stay with a 80′ linear length limit. The price for additional footage is about $320 a linear foot, thereafter. Of course, water features such as water slides, waterfalls, or sheer descents, also increase the cost of the pool. Typically, if you decide to add a spa at the same time that you build the pool, the cost of the spa is $8K to $10K more than the pool, plus the increased cost of the extra decking. If you add the spa after the pool has already been built, it could easily cost double that amount.

How big is a basic pool? What does it cost to make a bigger pool?

Our basic pool is 80 linear feet and has an average depth of 4 feet. It is priced pretty much the same regardless of shape. Imagine, if you will, taking a 80′ garden hose and shaping the outside perimeter into almost any shape (rectangle, square, circle, triangle, lagoon, etc.) with the depth averaging four feet deep (can be four feet deep throughout the pool, or one-third at three feet deep, one-third at four feet deep, and one-third at five feet deep, so that it averages 4 feet deep). A diving pool, which is usually at least 6 feet deep will cost you a bit more….If you decide you want a larger pool perimeter, then you can estimate the increased perimeter cost at around $320 for each additional linear foot.

How much does it cost to add a spa to an existing pool?

We often tell people that IF you are ever contemplating adding a spa to your pool, then add it when you are building the pool. While the spa may cost an additional $8K – $10K to add when you are having a new pool installed, it could easily double in price, if you add it ata a later date. “Why”, you may ask? The increased cost is simply tied to having to bring all the equipment back on site, knock down an access wall, potentially upsetting your landscaping, removing and later replacing pavers or concrete in the backyard, having to destroy some decking, trying to match the new decking to the old decking around your pool, matching the tile of the pool with the new spa, and working around an existing pool, in a confined space, which wasn’t there or finished when you could have previously built the spa. Fortunately, we are experts at installing spas after the existing pool has been in place for a number of years. Call us today for a free site visit whereby we can answer your questions, workup a spa design that is compatible with your pool, and give you a free price quote.

What brand of equipment does Bella Premier Pools recommend?

 While we can purchase and install any brand of equipment that a pool owner prefers, we recommend genuine Pentair as the best pool equipment manufacturer. While most people have heard and know the Hayward brand, we’ve found that Pentair equipment holds up better over time, is built better, and requires less ongoing maintenance during the life of your pool. That said, we will install whatever brand of equipment, including Hayward, that the pool owner prefers.